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  • Back in the Studio. #Album3

    We are really excited to be back in the studio making our 3rd full length album.  As with the last two we’re writing and recording the entire record from start to finish in just 2 weeks and we want to include as many of you in the process as possible. There are loads of awesome ways to get involved and like last time, your support is going to help us fund some of the costs involved in putting the album out. We’ll also be filming the entire process and posting daily updates to our YouTube channel. Learn more in the video above and come over to our kickstarter page and social media for regular updates and bonus studio goodies. Looking forward to sharing the results of the next couple of weeks… here we go!

  • We have a winner….

    And some awesome runners up… and some rad honorable mentions!

    Thanks to everyone who entered – we loved your overwhelmingly excellent work and hope you enjoyed the remixing as much as we enjoyed listening. Congrats to our winners who will all be receiving a personal email from us shortly! The first place entry will be aired on the JustinGuitar youtube channel before the end of the month – but you can check it out here right now!

    Shattered Matter Remix Competition Results.
    Dennis Bland [listen to Dennis's entry]
    Chantal de Paus [listen to Chantal's entry]

    Lukas Prakopavičius [listen to Luckas's entry]
    Ezyo [listen to Ezyo's entry]

    Doppel Monokel

  • Shattered Matter OUT EVERYWHERE


    Our second album Shattered Matter is out today and we’re super excited to share it with you all. It’s a modest enough milestone in the grand scheme of everything, but to us it’s a very meaningful marker. You can check it out on iTunes by clicking the album cover above. Thanks for listening friends. WC∆S x

  • Remix Contest

    We’ve just launched a remix contest for the new album title track Shattered Matter!
    To check out the details, prizes and full instructions (as well as a handy ‘how to’ video from Justin)  – CLICK HERE G’luck friends!!!

  • Behind the scenes photo gallery

    We just launched a photo gallery with some of the behind the scenes shots for our new album, “Shattered Matter”. We hope you’ll like them! Click here »

  • New teaser trailer available

    We’ve just published the first teaser trailer for the “Shattered Matter”. Please check it out!
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  • Announcing the “Shattered Matter”

    We are immensely proud to announce the upcoming release of our new, second album – “Shattered Matter”.

About the band

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Justin Sandercoe

Justin Sandercoe

(guitar, vocals. lyrics) teaches guitar to over 20k people a day on his web site – over 150 million views on his videos on YouTube. He’s also worked with Katie Melua, Carla Bruni and Cathy Dennis.

Tim Harries

Tim Harries

(bass, vocals, lyrics) is an accomplished touring and session musician whose projects include working with the legendary Brian Eno, composers David Holmes and Stephen Warbeck and also playing alongside Justin with the young songstress Katie Melua.

Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas

(keys and production) has written and recorded with a plethora of musicians and artists around the world, and has work featured in blockbuster films and T.V networks with over 100 placements.



(vocals, lyrics) Singer-Songwriter “who fuses her British pop sensibilities with her Los Angeles lifestyle, has a lyrical style in the vein of Ingrid Michaelson” says AOL music and can be heard in TV shows and films internationally.

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At the beginning of December 2012, this eclectic group of strangers got together in a room and made their first record. Two albums later and the band have established a fantastical and diverse mix of deep rooted grooves, stupefying guitar solos, whimsical melodies and lyrics to both pull at your rollercoaster ridin’ heartstrings and also make you get up and move. Both their album’s were recorded in a 17th century converted barn, Conversion Studios, in Dorset, UK. The band write all their songs together, with no artistic restrictions, for these four musicians the music very definitely came first.

“We’re not a bunch of spotty adolescent’s who wanted to start a band, kiss the girls and be famous.”  Says singer-songwriter Ellem, “We’re all seasoned musicians and it really is just about the music”.

We Came As Strangers, music can be found in all online music stores. Here are some direct links: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.


The Shattered Matter REMIX CONTEST is now CLOSED. Winning entries to be announced on July 17th 2014.


  • Winning entry will be uploaded to the JustinGuitar YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers exposed to your work!
  • Winner + 2 honorable mentions will receive some exclusive We Came As Strangers goodies including a signed CD and Limited edition T-Shirt.

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Shattered Matter CD

£9.99 (approx $16 USD)

Recipe For Adventure CD

£9.99 (approx $16 USD)

Tee+CD Bundle

£19.99 (approx $31.50 USD)

Bicycle Tee

£17.99 (approx $30 USD)

Strangers Tee

£17.99 (approx $30 USD)

Shattered Tee

£17.99 (approx $30 USD)

Physical Copies of BOTH albums

£15.99 (approx $26 USD)