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10/10 From Fresh On The Net

Wow Fresh On The Net! Thank you for the most incredible review! We are blown away!

“Eyedom ends on a dramatic high, bringing this cinematic musical road-journey to a climatic end.  It transports you from Arabic sands, to the Pacific highway, taking in a spin on the waltzers, as well as a trip on a rocket launcher, along the way.  This album is an accomplished, theatrical, imaginative sound-fest, that operates outside of defined genres.  A work of art well conceived of, and wonderfully crafted by finely skilled masters of their trade.” …READ MORE >>

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We Came As Strangers are Ellem, Justin Sandercoe, Tim Harries and Owen Thomas

At the beginning of December 2012, this eclectic group of strangers got together in a room and made their first record. Three albums later and the band have established a fantastical and diverse mix of deep rooted grooves, stupefying guitar solos, whimsical melodies and lyrics to both pull at your heartstrings and take you on a roller-coaster of both weird and wonderful.

All the bands records have been written and recorded from start to finish in two week intensive studio sessions. The evolution of the music as been as eclectic as the band members themselves who all live in different parts of the world, coming together just once a year to make music.


Remix “Adrenaline” to win a feature on the JustinGuitar YouTube channel + MORE PRIZES announced soon!

1) Click the ‘OPTIONS’ button below and hit download (This will download the entire contents of the folder, which are necessary for your submission.)

2) Included in the folder you’ve just downloaded are the remix audio stems. Import these stems into your DAW (digital audio workstation), the files are 24bit 44.1k sample rate so make sure your project is set to that.

3) Go crazy and make your own version of our song and then using the supplied guidelines and artwork (download below), upload your entry to youtube.

Remixes will be judged by the band and we’ll choose our favourite plus two for honourable mentions. Submission deadline is NOVEMBER 25th. Winners will be announced on NOVEMBER 28th 2015 on the band Facebook page and website.

Ready to submit your entry? Excellent! Please enter the YouTube URL below. If the form clears after you hit submit, you’re all set and we’ll be in touch soon!



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