There’s a River

We’ve been getting some love over at Amazing Radio for this song! Thank you too to everyone who’s been tweeting this tune and inspiring Baylen Leonard to keep it on his playlist week after week :)

We Came As Strangers

Recording Strings

After a manic session in the studio getting all the writing and recording done for Album 3, we can now rest assured that these guys in Ireland are laying some super sweet strings over the top of our new baby! Release date tbc soon!!

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We Came As Strangers are Ellem, Justin Sandercoe, Tim Harries and Owen Thomas

At the beginning of December 2012, this eclectic group of strangers got together in a room and made their first record. Three albums later and the band have established a fantastical and diverse mix of deep rooted grooves, stupefying guitar solos, whimsical melodies and lyrics to both pull at your heartstrings and take you on a roller-coaster of both weird and wonderful.

All the bands records have been written and recorded from start to finish in two week intensive studio sessions. The evolution of the music as been as eclectic as the band members themselves who all live in different parts of the world, coming together just once a year to make music.